Educational instuitutes in the UK

With a long history of top notch higher education, the UK and Europe are home to some of the most prestigious universities and educational institutes in the world. Thus, it is not surprising that students from all four corners of the world are attracted to these destinations when it comes to higher studies and they have no qualms about studying and living outside their home countries! There are many high ranking institutes and universities within the UK and Europe, which make extremely good choices for higher education.

When it comes to studying within the UK, the most popular pick has to be the city London. After all, this is one of the most dynamic and exciting cities in the world, therefore studying in London would definitely be a life-changing experience! Not just studying, even the medical communications jobs london are extremely lucrative and rewarding. Thus, London is a dream destination for professionals alike. You can study a Bachelor's or Master's Degree here. As far as UK is concerned, some of the top ranking universities are The University of Oxford, The University of Cambridge, Imperial College London, University College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, University of Edinburgh and King's College London.

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If you're considering the thought of studying within Europe then Switzerland would be a great choice to consider as well. Some of the universities here rank under the top 15 list globally, which is not an easy feat to achieve! In fact, Switzerland is the only country apart from the UK and the US to be able to make it to the world's top 10 list! The ETH Zurich -- Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne or EPFL, University of Zurich, University of Bern, University of Basel are some of the top ranking places for higher education.

When considering educational institutes within Europe, Austria is a popular choice as well. This landlocked country in Central Europe has some of the best European Universities and Institutes in the world. Studying in these institutes or universities will definitely provide you with an edge over the others and help you secure good jobs. Some of the names to consider here are University of Vienna, Universitat Innsbruck, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Karl Franzens Universitat Graz and Vienna University of Technology.

Whilst each institute or university will be having their own admission criteria, there are certain criteria that are common between them. For instance, the primary prerequisite for studying in Europe is proficiency in English, which is why the preferred English language test of most of the institutes and universities here is IELTS. It is also mandatory for students to have scored an aggregate of 60 or higher in 12th or equivalent and it should be from a recognized board or institute. Some of the institutes also require its students to have a minimum score of 60 in English subject.