ESL stands for English as a second language;an ESL teacher is someone who teaches English to students whose native language is not English. There are a number of different ESL teaching jobs available all around the world.The booming market of English has opened a lot of avenues for ESL jobs all around the globe. ESL jobs can be found in public schools, international schools, universities and colleges and in private language schools. If you are interested in being an ESL teacher, then check out these benefits of being one.

Benefits of being an ESL teacher

  • The flexibility of schedule- If you are someone who hates getting up in the morning, then ESL is the best career option for you ESL teacher can make his/her own schedule. If you think that working 4 days a week can help you cover a certain number of working hours, then you can work it out accordingly.
  • Off in summers- ESL teachers are usually busy all around the year, but during the summer they get time off to relax, rejuvenate and get back with a bang.
  • The job location- If you are an avid traveller, and want to discover and visit different countries then being an ESL teacher is best for you. There are a number of countries where schools look for a certified English teacher. So, you can travel to Taiwan, Seoul, Japan or Vietnam, wherever you want as an ESL teacher. The options are innumerable and the job openings are endless.
  • The diversity of students- As an ESL teacher, you will come across different students. The variety of students is vast, which can also prevent you from feeling dull, bored and monotonous regarding your job.
  • Exposure to different and new cultures- Visiting a new country as an ESL teacher is a different experience altogether. Knowing about a new culture is quite an enriching experience that can teach you a lot about the country and its history.
  • Certification- Having a TEFL certificate can put an ESL teacher above the English teachers. It is an international certification that holds a lot of weightage.
  • Not much burden of lesson plans- Usually teachers follow a specific lesson plan and schedule, which doesn’t let them be creative. But an ESL teacher can experiment and be creative, as there is scope for being flexible. One can be creative as long as one meets the goals that have been set.

If you are really keen on becoming an ESL teacher, then you need to have a bachelor’s degree. Most of the ESL jobs require having a TEFL certificate, which is great for teachers aspiring to teach abroad. Previous teaching experience can also count and is also a big boon when applying for ESL teaching jobs.