Have you aware of Artificial intelligence? It is nothing but comprise of theory and the development of the computer system, which is able perform tasks in normal way requiring the human intelligence such as speech recognition, visual perception, decision making and the translation of languages too.

But with this new rule, it turns out that many companies are choosing to only allow their workers to work 29 hours a week since that keeps them under the so-called fulltime occupation that has been faked now at 30 hours each week from the legislation, also called the; Affordable health care act. The media is calling each of these individuals; perhaps that’s apropos, but what’s a company? Alright so let’s talk about this for a second shall we?

There are a number of industries as it are, the professionals, where they are hardly making any profit, and business people in those businesses can’t afford the expense of healthcare insurance. If pay the minimum wage and they are supposed to take that money from the cover of the workers, there is not enough money there to make this happen. Therefore their companies can not operate, so their doors will shut and fire everybody. Allow the government deal with it under the rules their solution would be to pay the fine, or make everybody a 29 hour a week worker.

Some may say that will provide jobs because people can work 29 hours, but what will happen is that individuals will need to work two jobs to pay the bills. So it will not produce jobs in fact it will cause companies to eliminate people, and so they need to find ways to perform the job with other approaches, equipment, or robotics. I am sure that very soon, if not this year or another, you will walk into a company and you’ll talk.

You’ll have the ability to say certain things for this secretary and also the artificial intelligent computer will interpret what you say to ones and zeros and into a decision matrix in which the AI computer system will return with an answer to your question. You’ll talk to thin air, nothing. In actuality, this is already occurring, and a couple of airports I have been to you can ask directions from a hologram, and a hologram will say where from the airport you will need to go depending on the question you asked, even point the way, it is kind of cool actually, you will agree that the first time you encounter one. The AI Jobs is the professional that most would be longing to get this. Want to reach the best part of profession; this would be the place to make a research on this. Learn the terms from here and thereby you can enjoy owning some terms.

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