Mandarin chinese for beginners

Learn Mandarin Chinese and be an expert

Being multilingual is always an added advantage. May it be for your personal or professional growth, learning several languages is always interesting and fun. Especially when you are learning a foreign language, it always...
CPD Course

Are you good at problem solving?

Have you ever been good at resolving disputes, making your friends, siblings, and even your parents come to an agreement when that’s the last thing they want to do, then you should consider mediation?Now...
Utilizing creativity for innovation

Utilizing creativity for innovation

Design thinking is based on different plans that focus on creating solutions with appropriate actions. It analyses the past and present strategies for imagining ways for improving the future. This system uses the designer’s methods...
Is there a Right Way to Prepare for SAT

Is there a Right Way to Prepare for SAT

Students often ask the professionals about the right way of preparing for SAT. The point is that there is no right way. Different people have their different ways of preparation. For some self-study works...
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