Residential trip education is very paramount for students and young adults. With the bonding of team activities, personal skills development, the experience attached to it together with the confidence of pursuing an outdoor engagement students are exposed to knowledge and they become better in their field. It doesn’t matter if it the first time, residential trip is an important part for students growth and it gives them the opportunity to have practical experience. The importance of being away from school and the home has made Allnatt to introduce it into their curriculum. The passion for learning in students are built and more than 70% of primary school pupils said they now have a better behaviour in school after residential trips while on the other hand, 71% students in secondary are believed to have more motivation to learn.

Through residential trips, relationship between students and between students or pupils with their teacher are built better. Because we know that once a teacher gets to understand their pupils better, we engage them in a residential trip. Good knowledge between students and teachers is a sure way to academic excellence. The relationship that exists between staffs and the students creates trust and this is reflected through respect when they are back to school. Staffs can now listen to students and know how to reply to their needs. Pupils in primary school are always happy as they get to know their class teacher better through residential trips.

Going on a residential trip gives both the pupils, students, and staff an opportunity to learn and develop and the application of they are learn is carried out in school when they are back. At Allnatt, there are many outdoor activities and residential trip learn programmes assist your wards establish solid relationship that sustained back in the school. What are waiting for? Join us as you commence on your school trip this year.

Effects of High Quality Residential Trips

    • The level of students engagement to learn is improved drastically.
    • About 79 % of secondary students said they know understand the value of what they were taught in school.
    • Both the students knowledge, skills, and understanding are improved.
    • There is versatility of knowledge in different fields.
    • Residential trip has given students much needed support to achieve academic success.
    • The lessons gotten from residential trips have helped students to learn better.
    • There is improvement in grade of students who partook in residential trip when compared to other students who did not partake.
    • Better relationship between school pupils or students and between the students with their teachers.
    • Students in Allnatt, have more confidence to do new things they have been neglecting before the residential trip.
    • Students also have improvements in their resilience and wellbeing.
    • There is boost in sense of belonging and cohesion in students after residential trips.
    • Students in Allnatt school said getting along with people from different classes and school is easier after the residential.
  • The school staffs and teachers believe residential trip has a transforming impact in how they understand their student’s strength and weakness.
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