The National Eligibility cum Entrance Test is a competitive entrance examination for medical aspirants seeking admission to the top medical colleges in India. The exam is conducted by CBSE, which requires not just dedication and hard work but also a right strategy to clear it.

The NEET exam is based on 3 subjects which are Biology, Chemistry and Physics. A total of 180 questions (multiple choice questions) are asked in the exam with a time duration of 3 hours. Students aspiring to make a career in the medical field should prepare well for the exam. The best tips to clear NEET exam is discussed below.

Know the Syllabus

One of the first things that aspirants should do is to get familiar with the complete syllabus of NEET. They should compare the NEET syllabus with their board exam syllabus which can save their time as they will not have to prepare for the common topics. They can use this extra time to work on the important topics in the exam.

Best Tips to Clear NEET

Good NEET Books

Books are the most important components for any exam preparation. Students must follow the right preparation books to prepare for NEET. Students will find millions of books on the internet and the book market but they must choose the best book for them. They can also read reviews of NEET toppers and ask their teachers to get an idea about the best NEET preparation books.

Create Timetable

Candidates must follow a well prepared timetable which can help them to stick to their study routine. A well planned timetable helps a student to analyze and focus on their weak section. By following a timetable, a sense of discipline is created in students and they are able to prepare for the exam more efficiently.

Prepare Notes

One of the best NEET preparation strategies is to write down notes. Candidates should make a habit of writing down all the important points of topics like DNA structure, ecology, cell, optics, thermodynamics, organic chemistry, periodic table, etc. in a notebook or copy which they can use during the time of revision.

Practice Question Papers

One of the greatest challenge of candidates during the exam is to complete the exam on time. Practicing question papers is the best way to improve speed and accuracy. Candidates are allotted 3 hours for 180 questions, which means 1 minute can be dedicated to each question. Students preparing for NEET exam are suggested to practice NEET sample papers, and previous year question papers so that they can develop their time management skill and prepare for the exam in a better way.

These were some NEET preparation strategies which students can follow to prepare for the exam. Subscribe to BYJU’S YouTube channel to watch interactive video lessons on different NEET topics to prepare for the exam in a better way.