Many students studying in class 7 struggle with maths but still cannot score well. This could be due to learning too many concepts in a short time span. Understanding the problems faced by the students here are few methods through which you can overcome the obstacles in mathematics and achieve good marks. Below are a few steps on improving your mathematics grades. Also, you can checkout the solutions and the ways to tackle complex problems of RD Sharma class 7.

Step 1: Friendship with the subject

Approaching mathematics with a positive attitude can help you be more productive in the subject. Make a point not to skip any maths class as the concepts studied the next day are the continuation of the previous days topic. In case you are absent on a particular day make sure to take an extra class from your teacher or your math partner.

Step 2: Do not skip your Homework

Do not take the homework as torture and keep it as an option. It is extremely important to do your maths homework because it helps you to understand the concepts in detail, and also you realize those topics that are difficult for you to perceive.

How to improve your Maths grades

Step 3: Clarify your doubts

Stay attentive during the class and if you are not clear with the topic ask questions to your maths teacher. It is better to get your doubts clarified on the spot than carrying it forward until the next few classes.

Step 4: Practice

Practicing exercise, previous years question papers are the best way to build confidence towards the subject. Solving papers help you revise the maths concepts and give you an idea of the paper pattern and your speed will also be increased.

Step 5: Rest

Have a good sleep before the exam. Do not stay awake till late night and compromise on sleep. Before going for the maths exam just take a look at the important formulas, equations, and theorems for the last time.

Step 6: Time to execute

Scan your exam paper before you start attempting the questions as till give you an idea of what type of questions are asked and how much time you need to spend on each problem. Also, take care of the neatness and do not waste time if you are stuck with a problem move to the next and come back to this at the end.

Step 7:Recheck

On completing the maths paper just go through it once again and recheck if you have answered all the questions, formulas, steps, etc.

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