The International English Test Language Testing System (IELTS) is an internationally recognized English language test. It is particularly required for applications in Anglo-Saxon universities or in the professional world, to attest to a sufficient level of English to take courses at the university for example. Want to continue your studies in a foreign country? Find a job more easily? You need to attest to your level of English language. This is indeed one of the main criteria requested by host universities abroad or foreign companies. There is various language tests ielts course hong kong recognized to assess your language level, however, the IELTS is one of the most accepted tests in the world with recognition by more than 150 universities in the mode. This test is then spent by more than three million people a year. Most candidates will prepare for IELTS before making sure to get the desired grade on the first pass.

To evaluate your level of English

The IELTS English test study in uk  is a test that has been designed to reflect your English language level and therefore the way you will use the English language in a professional, student or general setting. IELTS is an exam in which you can not fail. Indeed, you will not receive validation or not of the test but a score, between 1 and 9, 9 being the highest score, representing a native person or bilingual French-English. The test will then evaluate all your language skills. Whether at the level of listening, writing, speaking or writing. The exam is organized by the British Council and is recognized internationally by numerous professional and academic bodies.

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Running of the test

You will have to leave through several stepladders to get your IELTS score. The test is composed of four tests, of similar value in the total score. So you will have these tests: Listening, which consists of 40 questions focused on an audio recording. You will have 30 minutes of listening as well as 10 minutes to postpone your answers on your sheet. Reading, lasting 60 minutes, is composed of 3 academic texts with 40 questions as well. Writing, which also lasts 60 minutes, is composed of two parts. The first one in which you will have to analyze a document. The second one in which you will have to carry out a test of 250 words on a given theme. Speaking, which lasts between 10 and 15 minutes, is composed of various personal questions, thematic as well as leading to debates.

Sheets, exercises and exam mode

You will find our IELTS sheets which contain a training mode with 100 hours of revisions with dozens of training for each IELTS exercise, as well as 2500 questions classified by level of difficulty.

You will also find a mode exam consisting of three white exams, real-life scenarios, and automatic corrections.

There are also study sheets to better understand the exercise structure and general information about the test and its issues. An opportunity to set a schedule for choosing a daily work pace is also available.

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