This programme of a diploma is designed to provide students with technical as well as soft skills that are required to perform administrative to middle supervisory roles in the front office operations and housekeeping. The course ensures students have all skills from hospitality service to higher-order learning that includes revenue management, quality service and communications.

The wsq diploma courses in singapore Hotel and Accommodation Services is proffered as an amalgamated programme encompassing all skills from Certificate, Higher Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Diploma levels.

Students are expected to complete a certain number of skills under the subjects they are assigned, and the applicants who completed a heralding course propitiously in WSQ Certificate / Higher Certificate / Advanced Certificate in Hotel and Accommodation Services become eligible in relevant subjects for the exemptions and thus complete the entire institutional training in less than the time period of a year.

Industrial Attachment- Diploma in Hotel and accommodation Services in Singapore

The industrial attachment component amalgamates practical training with the hands-on experience that prepares trainees well in future careers in the tourism industry.

Students are ensured to be placed with their approved industry training partners and monthly training allowances are provided during this period.

With the Hotel and Accommodation Services sector is augmenting rapidly, there are over 13,000 new rooms for guests that are expected to come up in the year 2020. The new developments will aid in bringing about a greater variety of new career opportunities.

Trainees are allowed to get one step closer to their dreams and procure jobs in the industries they wish to be part of. This course comes with an opportunity for development and reaching greater heights. To comply with the needs of our visitors, this sector is constantly seeking new and creative means of service delivery.

Diploma in Hospitality Management

Skills for Job Offers

A large number of skills and competencies will be imbibed the students to procure a job in their field that include areas such as:

  • Front Office;
  • Housekeeping;
  • Sales and Marketing;
  • Revenue Management; and
  • Food and Beverage

All in all, our WSQ diploma courses provide the required expertise to aspiring hospitality practitioners. This will be the first step towards acing in this field in Singapore.

We seek to equip learners with appropriate skills and knowledge in the Hotel Operations. We equip them with expertise in the areas of Front Office, Housekeeping, Reservations & key areas in Hotel operations. On completion of this course, trainees will be able to set the bar to meet our guests’ rising expectations in the industry.

For more information on our WSQ diploma courses in Singapore, kindly feel free to contact us via e-mail or phone, the details of which are provided on our website.

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