Graduates are the persons who completed the course in recognized colleges. Companies will hire these people who are completed the course recently. They can hire them by conducting campus placements at the end of their course duration and they will select the people who are with good communication skills and good academic background which will enhance the growth of their company. Now we will know about the fresh graduate jobs singapore.  Fresh graduates will have more chances to get the job as they have the subject skills that has learned recently. By hiring fresh graduates the company will have huge success not only in their company but also in the economy of the company. This is because the salary of the fresher’s will be less when compared to the experience people and they work as much as the senior people work. In this way, they can save money for their company.

Types of jobs that are available for fresher’s:

There are lots of jobs available for the fresher’s and they can be recruited depending upon the skills of the person and also by the requirement of the company. But as of now, the number of graduates coming out from the universities are more and then umber of people getting jobs is less.

There are various reasons for this situation. Firstly students passing out from the college are more than the jobs that are available in the market. The other reasons like the expectations if the salary is also high depending upon the course, they have studied and the college they studied. It also depends on the percentage that the person gets during his graduation course. The person with a high percentage will expect a good salary in a good company. Any people those who joined as fresher’s have to do some work as a training period. Many people won’t accept this training period and as a result, graduates who are capable of getting a job is also not getting the job. Some graduates are unable to get jobs like they lack communication skills are very important in getting a job. They are not only important to get the job but they also very important to the growth of their career. Some graduates all qualifications that are essential for a job but they don’t know whom to ask for help to get the job. Some people won’t interest in doing jobs and they are kit passionate about the job. Some people are too afraid to apply for the job. They feel inferior and they won’t apply to the job. They think that anyhow this job doesn’t come to him.  Having bad resumes is also one reason for not getting the job.

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