Improving your academic writing skills is very important. This might seem complicated to you at first, but you have to remember that academic essay writing is a type of skill that anyone can learn. You should be able to provide a solid and debatable essay. Also, it should be supported by relevant evidence. Most of the essay formats follow certain guidelines.

Have An Outline

Before you start putting your thoughts into words, you should know what you want to write. This is why it is important to have an outline. You should know first what to say before you start writing. The easiest way to do this is to narrow down your thesis and create an argument. In your outline, you need the basic elements of an essay – an introduction, body, and conclusion. Have at least three strong points that can support your thesis.

Outstanding  Grammar, Style, And Punctuation is a Must!

These three are the most important elements that you need to have if you want your research to be easily understood. You should have a good understanding of the basic grammar – including subject + verb agreement, pronoun usage, and properly-formed sentence structures. Also, you should know how to correctly use punctuations. Know when to use a comma and a period. In an essay, try using active voice to make the tone stronger. Overall, make it concise and avoid unnecessary wordiness.

Know Your Words

In writing an essay, knowing how to use correct vocabulary is a great help. Remember that your goal in writing an academic essay is to persuade the reader that you are an expert and you have the knowledge and skills to make an intelligent argument. Be careful when using big words. You might sound like you are overcompensating your writing. Make sure that you know the meaning of the words and you are using them correctly.

Your Argument And Evidence Should Match

When you are writing your essay, always make sure that you already have your main argument in mind. You should always analyze your evidence, whether it directly supports your thesis or not. If it doesn’t, then you should not include it. When you are evaluating your evidence, you should be critical and carefully thorough. Always use your strongest research results to back up your facts. Each of the sentences in your thesis should have a connection to your argument and your topic as a whole.

Conclude Properly

The conclusion can either make or break your essay. This is one of the most overlooked factors when writing an academic essay. The conclusion ties everything together. It should not be a paraphrased version of your introduction, nor a copy of your thesis. This should outline everything you mentioned in the body, and shows whether evidence can prove or disprove your main argument.

It would be easy to buy an essay from an expert writer, but if you know the basic principles of writing one, you can create a top-notch paper in just a short period of time. Let these tips help improve your essay writing skills.

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