Have you ever been good at resolving disputes, making your friends, siblings, and even your parents come to an agreement when that’s the last thing they want to do, then you should consider mediation?Now you may be wondering what mediation is, well it’s when a person, or third party gets between a conflict, and resolves it through an agreement. If you are considering this then Hong Kong is the place to learn and expand your career in mediation. At hkmaal course (Hong Kong Mediation Accreditation Association Limited) they offer tons of courses to further your career in mediation, and to become a certified mediator there you must attain a cpd (Continuing Professional Development).

What must you do to become a mediator?

If you want to become a certified mediator it can’t be done, it will take time and money. In some places to become a qualified mediator you need a degree in law, or any other degree related to relations and communications, for example a psychology degree. Have skills relating to domestic and child abuse, parenting, problem solving, and much more. And a lot of experience is required. A certain number of hours are needed for you to fulfill the expectations. For one instance 15 hours of continuing professional development are need, this needs to be done over a three-year course when wanting to renew. But now, in 2019 rather than completing hours they need to earn points on calendar. The minimum amount of points is 5 each year, or more. This is usually for the general or family mediators.

For them to actually become mediators they have to undergo a process, first of all there will be three to five days of seminars being conducted, and then there will be assessments, generally it will be two cases. After it’s usually training, they will have to undergo at least two five-hour cases, filled it many complications, so that they are trained for the worst of the situations.

CPD Course

Choose what’s best for you

            Now just like everything there isn’t just one type, there are various kinds of mediators, namely;

  • General mediator- these are the types of mediators that are assigned to any particular case and not specializing in anything, but there for the most of it.
  • Family mediator- these are for family related issues, usually based on divorces, so that they know to take care of the issues considering children in hand.
  • Assessor and supervisor- this is where they are above the chain on mediators and control and supervise hoe everything id done.


            Now becoming certified at cpd is a pretty expensive task, as there are numerous amounts of payments that have to be done. Usually applications, and re-assessments cost around HK$600, and an application for an exemption would cost roughly HK$600 as well. And panel maintenance fees are HK$900. Which is pretty expensive if I must say.Furthermore the registration of the CPD will also cost you tons, usually HK$500 per event for commercial users, and HK$1000 for non commercial users.

            However if it is what you want to do then embark on that, and thibk slightly less about the financial problems as you can earn up to 1,350 pounds to 9,000 pounds per day.

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