Here, you will learn how easy it is to create literature review templates that you can use over and over again to make your academic writing assignment, dissertation, or dissertation as simple and easy as possible.

First step:

Before you begin, you should ask two questions:

What does a literature review do?

What are the main movements in the literature review?

First, we write a literature review to join the academic conversation, demonstrate our understanding of the research area, assess what others have said in light of new discoveries, identify weaknesses in previous research, and propose new solutions, etc.

The second answer is the most important. This is the response that we will use to speed up the writing of our reviews.

Key steps in the review:

  • Introducing the topic
  • Present the author or authors whose work you are reviewing
  • Please indicate what other authors agree or disagree with regarding the methods / populations / data / conclusions of the authors you are reviewing.
  • Taking into account the above, write what you agree or disagree with (inserting your vote)
  • Highlight weaknesses in previous studies (gap)
  • Write how your research fills the gap.

Write a Literature Review

Second step:

Now that you have listed all the moves, write a template for each move; these are your stock movements.

Template example

  1. Introduction to the topic

One of the most important discussions in [research area] is [research topic]. It’s getting harder and harder to ignore [the repetition of the theme]. [Theme] is an important component in [application area] and plays a key role in [its benefits]. [Subject] is one of the most used methods / variables in [scope]. [The problem you are trying to solve] is a major problem / problem and is caused by approximately [use statistics – if applicable] % of the global load of [major problem]. However, the central element of the whole discipline [field of study] is the concept of [its subject], because it underlies our understanding of the [problem].

Step three: 

Once you’ve written the templates for the motions, when you start writing the appropriate section of the overview, simply insert the templates.

For example, ask if I represent the author’s work. If so, insert an introductory template. Report what other authors have written for or against the authors? If so, include reviews from other authors.


This planning and execution of a literature review writer in a writing process will help you quickly write the literature review section for your dissertation and dissertation. With motions and templates, you can write multiple pages in one day.

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